Bernd Buerklin

These are my solo undertakings.

The Chase (2010)

The Chase is an ambient album in one piece.

It is slow.

The Chase (70:22)

It should be played very loud.

The 2009 "alone" album:

alone is an exploration of silence. Not acoustic silence, of course. But the attitude of silence and stillness, as the opposite of sound or noise. The yin and the yang. One would not be without the other. One could not be without the other. It is this duality that makes it possible to be one.

True silence involves the transcendence of time and effort.

Each piece was performed and recorded simultaneously in my studio. Played on amplified accordion and some additional objects.

row (13:08)

row is a journey, something lost, something found, something old, something new

blossoms (04:22)

blossoms is all the hard work that shines only for so short

come (08:00)

come is an invitation, a preparation, a calling, an open hand, a pull, not a push

hal (13:55)

hal is on and off, zero and one, in and out, friend and enemy, is and is not

march (03:06)

march is a slow, fragile, continuous, unstoppable beginning that never ends

go (07:20)

go is neither a pull nor a push, it is an invitation to leave behind

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