Tactless Pagans

Tactless Pagans was my band in Woodstock, NY. Will Olsen on drums, guitar and glockenspiel. Bernd Buerklin on accordion, vocals and guitar (6). Will is an amazing drummer and musician.

All tracks were recorded live at Spruce Rock Studio (Kingston, NY) and at Alhambra Theater (Woodstock, NY), except for track 6 which was recorded live in The Kitchen in Berlin, Germany.

These are the tracks from our self titled CD:

1. Evangelical Damage (02:44)

2. Personal Lubricant (06:51)

3. Auf dr Oalm (00:58)

4. Spring Foliage (08:07)

5. Cut the Cheese (21:37)

6. Feuer (recorded 2000 in Berlin) vocals by Emma Buerklin (04:11)

7. Inspection Infection (05:22)

8. Fugue (21:05)

9. Well (03:43)

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